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Bruno Guerreiro bruno.guerreiro at ine.pt
Tue Sep 7 10:41:37 GMT 2004

Hi Sergio.
(I understand is not really a samba answer, but may help solve your
There's a option in squid.conf to log the machine name instead of the IP.

#  TAG: log_fqdn        on|off
#       Turn this on if you wish to log fully qualified domain names
#       in the access.log. To do this Squid does a DNS lookup of all
#       IP's connecting to it. This can (in some situations) increase
#       latency, which makes your cache seem slower for interactive
#       browsing.
# log_fqdn off

Bruno Guerreiro

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>Kristyan, sorry, i must be explain the situation.
>I have squid and samba in the some server. With squid log, i have the
>list of machines contected to the server. With this ip, i want to do a
>lookup to give the machine name. I build my program in C++, with him i
>audit the squid log to make the ip, but i don't have idea about the
>samba api and libsmbclient api to give the samba name from ip.
>Thank's again.

I forgot to mention if you want to do the lookup when the client is on you
can use:

smbstatus -S | grep ipaddy


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