[Samba] file context menu takes for ever with 3.0.6, bothsernetand suse

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Tue Sep 7 08:57:07 GMT 2004

>>> I've tested SerNet's ans SuSE's versions of Samba 3.0.6
>>> on a test member server. Joining domain, attaching share
>>> all works but if I right-click a file, the context menu
>>> takes for ever to pop up. If I select Properties, it
>>> takes even longer until the dialog box appears.
>> Are these XP clients?
> I should have mentioned it.
> No, the problem affects both XP and w2k
>> Try setting "large readwrite = no" (be sure to restart the client on a new
>> smbd or you won't know for sure) and see if that changes the behaviour.
>> I have several systems with the same exact issues you describe. Changing
>> that value helped me...I'm hoping Jeremy can help me understand why in an
>> email I sent to samba-technical.
> Thanks, Bill. I'll try both your suggestion and Jeremy's sendfile hint
> first thing in the morning.

Setting "large readwrite = no" has a dramatic impact but not the
one desired. After mounting the share the icon was that of a dir
instead of that of a shared drive. Clicking on it turned the cursor
to an hourglass for a long time and after about 30s there was the
correct icon for shared drive but also a pop-up error message:

   "X:\ cannot be accessed.
    The network name is no more available."

On the other hand setting "use sendfile = no" solved the problem

Thank you Jeremy

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