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Sergio pirulo_gomez_2004 at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Sep 6 17:04:39 GMT 2004

Kristyan, sorry, i must be explain the situation.
I have squid and samba in the some server. With squid log, i have the
list of machines contected to the server. With this ip, i want to do a
lookup to give the machine name. I build my program in C++, with him i
audit the squid log to make the ip, but i don't have idea about the
samba api and libsmbclient api to give the samba name from ip.
Thank's again.

On Mon, 6 Sep 2004 17:52:50 +0100, "Kristyan Osborne"
<kris at longhill.brighton-hove.sch.uk> wrote:

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>>I'm building a litle program to audit my samba network, by i don't
>>know how can get a machine name from ip. Can anybady help me?
>It depends on your setup and how you want to aquire the ip.
>Assuming you want to do it from a shell. If your clients are on DHCP and you are updating a DNS server with the clients ips. A simple nslookup ip.add.re.ss would do the job.
>Or if you want to do it whils someone is logged on. You can use smbstatus -S. This will show you user,machine name and ip addy stats.
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