Ganeshram Iyer ganeshramiyer at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 6 16:08:51 GMT 2004

Alan Munday wrote:

>>Thanks to everyone for their LDAP recommendations. But as my 
>>luck would 
>>have it, I managed to crash my Whitebox server. The X server 
>>just never 
>>starts up. And this happened after I installed Firefox 0.9.3 to 
>>/usr/lib/firefox. As soon as I did that my server crashed. With the 
>>number of problems I am encountering with my Linux server I 
>>think I am 
>>just going to reinstall everything. My gnome-desktop has crashed at 
>>least a dozen times in the last month (and the machine has 
>>been running only for that long). 
>Try checking the directory tree where you installed firefox to.
>I had a bunch of directories disappear around /usr/local/ when I installed
I guess I posted this to the wrong list but thanks for your reply. One 
thing I am unable to understand is which directory is equivalent to 
Windows "Program Files" where all users have common programs installed 
for use. I tried to install Firefox to the same directory sturcture 
where Mozilla is installed and BOOM. But I guess that is a question for 
general Linux lists. If you prefer you can continue to post your reply 
directly to me.


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