Ganeshram Iyer gri0941 at exchange.uta.edu
Mon Sep 6 15:38:17 GMT 2004

Thanks to everyone for their LDAP recommendations. But as my luck would 
have it, I managed to crash my Whitebox server. The X server just never 
starts up. And this happened after I installed Firefox 0.9.3 to 
/usr/lib/firefox. As soon as I did that my server crashed. With the 
number of problems I am encountering with my Linux server I think I am 
just going to reinstall everything. My gnome-desktop has crashed at 
least a dozen times in the last month (and the machine has been running 
only for that long). I have never been able to install j2re-1.4.2_05. 
Samba although working, could never get it to work as a PDC with single 
sign-on. I tried using all the links that were sent for the LDAP 
administration, but without j2re, one choice was gone (no applets in my 
browser) and without php4 i could not run another (i have not tried to 
install php yet) and www.webmin.com although installed was never able to 
start the module (kept telling my configuration was wrong).
But I was even having many unclean shutdowns after which the system 
check told me that there were bad blocks on my HD. So I am just 
scrapping my install and restarting all over.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for a tool which I can use to 
check the HD before I install?

I thank all of you in advance for any help you may offer. I am currently 
desperate as I had promised my lab that I would have this server up and 
running by the end of last month. They are starting to question if Linux 
is worth all this trouble especially since the XP install on this 
machine has never caused problems.


Jeff Saxton wrote:

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