[Samba] netbios aliases ?

ip.guy ip.guy at optushome.com.au
Mon Sep 6 04:22:30 GMT 2004

hi all

I have a samba server acting as a domain member server providing 
file/print services to our SME

As i want to provide users with a list of available printers for 
installation, i need to give them a win32 shortcut to "\\samba-server\" 
so they can see the available printers and install as required BUT... 
doing so will also show them all of the available shares... not a major 
issue but would rather just list the printers (i am using "browseable = 
no" to hide all shares) but am now running into another problem.

I'm using a web interface to smbclient to allow staff to access the file 
server from home.

Making all shares inviable effectively makes the use of the web 
smbclient pointless

Is it possible to use a netbiios alias and force the printers to list 
under the alias ?

Any other suggestion welcome

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