[Samba] Samba SOHO

Henry Baxter henrybaxter at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 5 18:41:22 GMT 2004

Rod Ladwig wrote:

>What is the best way to setup a Samba server as a file server in a small
>SOHO.  I have to connect 2 windows XP machine and one XP home notebook to a
>small SOHO network.  I want to use a Samba server.  I have got it working
>except I cannot get XP to write to the Samba server.  I can read but not
>write.  From the Samba server I can read and write the XP machines.  I have
>set the Samba server up in user mode. I am at a loss of what to do now.  Who
>can help me?
Hey Rod,
Perhaps you have user accounts that don't have permission to write in 
the folders in question. Check their owners and permissions, and also 
ensure read only = no in the smb.conf ;) Without a touch more info, it 
would be hard to know exactly. Good luck!

Henry Baxter

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