[Samba] roaming profiles ok, but what about the printers?

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sun Sep 5 07:13:22 GMT 2004

On Sat, 2004-09-04 at 21:20, Andreas Paulick wrote:
> I've got some inspirations from the archive of lists.samba.org and I'm
> writing a little shell-wrapper around the print-command.
> Because I have'nt access to the server right now I write this from memory:

I've got a similar setup, using CUPS and %m included smb.conf files.

> All printers in the lpr-command must be exist. The clients only sees the
> 3 Printer LASER, LASER2 and COLOR and use them with generic
> postscript-driver. At the samba server runs also a printserver and it
> cares via ghostscript about the translation
> to the the printer.
> New Printers will be installed only at the linux-server, the name will
> written in the script.sh and 'done'. No changes necessary at the
> Clients. So easy can also substituted a printer :)
> I have to optimise and test this etc. then should it running.
> B.t.w.: which generic windows-printerdriver would you suggest?
> Maybe 'Apple Laserwriter 600 PS' or 'HP Laserjet PS' ?
> Or use you the vendor windows-printerdriver and print at rawdriver on
> linux-side?

I ended up back with the Adobe PS drivers, after trying (and failing
with) the CUPS drivers.  I had problems with using 'HP Laserjet PS'
drivers, because of the PCL escape on the header, which confused CUPS. 
Likewise, the Apple Laserwriter had some issue, I can't recall what

I'm looking forward to the new CUPS drivers (based on a newer DDK), when
they come out.

Andrew Bartlett

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