[Samba] RH7.3 compatibility with SRPMS

Chris McKeever techjedi at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 06:10:30 GMT 2004

I just rebuilt the Redhat SRPMS using 7.3 - I am noticed in the SPEC
file some RH8/9 specific shell scripts.  So far it seems to be working
fine - just wondering if there is any conflicts with this..thanks in

# Don't depend on Net::LDAP
# one filter for RH 8 and one for 9
Source998: filter-requires-samba_rh8.sh
Source999: filter-requires-samba_rh9.sh

# Working around perl dependency problem from docs
# Only > RH 8.0 seems to care here

echo "rpm_version == %{rpm_version}"
if [ "%{rpm_version}" == "42" ]; then
   %define __perl_requires %{SOURCE999}
   echo "%{__perl_requires}"
elif [ "%{rpm_version}" == "41" ]; then
   %define __find_requires %{SOURCE998}
   echo "%{__find_requires}"

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