[Samba] Problem accessing samba shares from Win2k...

Thomas Maier balagi at justmail.de
Sat Sep 4 19:39:31 GMT 2004


i have a little problem here and i don't know how to solve it..

I'm using samba 3.0.6 on a linux 2.6.7 box and a w2k machine.

Accessing the w2k machine via smbclient works well, but accessing a samba  
share on my linux box will not:

if i do under w2k:

net view \\linux
   lists the samba shares, ok

net use t: \\linux\test
   mounts the share to t:, ok


dir t:\
   will not work, it only hangs a minute or so, then prints "no files  
found" and my firewall pops up messages like "ip datagram is not version  

As i know i have nothing configured using ip version 6.
And why can i access shares of the w2k box on linux, but not the other  

Thanks for help

Thomas Maier

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