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MUDRANKIT AMAR amar_1132 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 3 18:11:54 GMT 2004

Hi Respected members,
              I am a student of computer science. I have in my course of study a project to be done. I am interested in doing project related to Samba.
             I have got one of the ideas for the project. Can anybody be kindly help me regarding this idea? Please do reply about this idea.
               In the project I am planning to achieve server independency , means ---Consider  an organization is having 2 kinds of server SAMBA and VFS, then if a request is made from a Samba client and required file is on VFS server then the request should get satisfied. I will be planning to convert a SAMBA request into a VFS request that is finally be given to the VFS server. The client does not care about the thing that to which server it has made request.
                 Also, I have to make the similar thing in case of VFS client and SAMBA server.
         In this way it will help the system administrator to achieve a server independency.
Can anybody please rate this idea as --------
        very simple
        good to do a project
         very difficult
         best one
         don't do such project.
If the ideas is not up to the mark, can anybody please send me a good idea for the project.
Thank You.

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