[Samba] Forcing RIDs to desired value

Radek Svoboda svoboda at neovision.cz
Fri Sep 3 14:26:02 GMT 2004

I found that after moving my samba server to different hardware (and
diferent Linux installation), domain logons cannot find their Windows
profiles and created new ones. This is caused by the different RID of
the users. It seems these are calculated as 2*UID + 1000. And my UID's
on new server do not match those on the old one. How to force SAMBA to
provide different RIDs for the users? I do not want to run LDAP for
our 20 stations and 20 users here.

            Thanks for help

                                     Radek Svoboda
                                     Neovision s.r.o., Prague
                                     svoboda at neovision.cz

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