[Samba] Global Windows Environment-Variables

J. Simmons jsimmons at vpt-inc.com
Fri Sep 3 13:46:50 GMT 2004

Matthias Spork wrote:

> Hello,
> does anybody know, how to set Global-Variables for a Windows-System?
> I would like to set variabels in the login-script and use them in a 
> Word-Document.
> PS: "set bla=foo" works only for the current shell/cmd.exe, not global
> matze

What you are looking for is the setx program.


If you install this on the client machines and call it from login 
scripts it will do exactly what you describe.  I have used it before to 
great effect (and if I recall correctly, it works under xp as well).



J. Simmons
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VPT, Inc.
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