[Samba] documentation for samba + Novel edirectory NLS

Geoff Scott geoffs at guestshire.com
Fri Sep 3 08:58:54 GMT 2004

I've been lurking for a while hoping to come across some information on
setting up Samba 3.X and edirectory.  I've got both the how-to book and the
example book by JHT and have read the example book cover to cover.

John refers his readers to the lists & Novell, to get setup info for
edirectory.  So far, from googling groups, lists www, and Novell.  There
seems to be none????

Does anyone know of any samba.sch files that I can use to extend the edir
schema?  I tried using the samba.schema file apparently it's got a different
format and the novel supplied tool bombs out.  Compared to the most of you
my knowledge is basic so if anyone can spare a little time and perhaps add
to the world wide knowledge base (available through Google) I'd appreciate
some fairly detailed instructions. 

Cheers Geoff Scott

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