[Samba] Re: Windows XP SP2 doesn't login to SAMBA domain

Dean Landry landryd at bethany-ca.edu
Thu Sep 2 18:24:53 GMT 2004

Unfortunately I don't have a test box at this point :)  Just a week until
students return to the lab.  :)  I've gotten everything to work now.  Login
scripts worked once I disabled sendfile.  Everything should be working fine

I must say, this is the most responsive and helpful mailing list I've ever



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Dean Landry wrote:

> Hey!  It worked!  Now, who can tell me where the upgrade moved my
> smbpassword file to?  Is it still plain text?

It all depends on your smb.conf... Ja I still use the smbpasswd backend,
other back ends are supported...

Ah, and you do realize it is wize to test new code on a test box, not your
production box. (Just like the reason they put seat belts in cars...) ;-)

Michael Lueck
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