[Samba] Can't print properly through server, only direct client->printer

Doug VanLeuven roamdad at sonic.net
Thu Sep 2 17:47:27 GMT 2004

Simon Hobson wrote:

> Interestingly, I tried [0-9]+ and it doesn't select anything, whereas 
> [0-9][0-9]* does. And now I see why VM\? failed, the \ was to escape 
> the ?, and I overlooked the meaning of ?
> Anyway, I settled on '^[0-9][0-9]* VM[?]^M$' (where the ^M is a 
> return, not two characters) which should be safe - I think in the past 
> I must have tried $^M which of course doesn't work.
> Just proves that most of us still have plenty to learn !

That's right.  Like me.
Forgot grep loses the special meaning of + and ? and \+ \? bring the 
special meaning back.
Have to use egrep or grep -E with my expression

Cheers, Doug

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