[Samba] Slow Printing from XP clients with SP2?

Lewis Shobbrook lshobbrook at fasttrack.net.au
Thu Sep 2 06:41:56 GMT 2004

Hi Rohan

> Hello,
> I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

Yes I've noticed this.  
I thought shit... The print service has failed.
2-3 Minutes later out comes the print job....
This is with the "firewall" turned off, so something less obvious at
hand here.
> >From an XP machine printing to a SAMBA printer, printing is 
> painfully 
> >slow.
> Selecting the printer, and even sending the job through 
> windows makes the app appear non-responsive. The print job is 
> completed fine, but just takes a long time to print.
> XP boxes with SP1 print like a dream. I've managed to 
> replicate this on 4 boxes all with SP2.
> I'm running SAMBA 3.0.4.
> Cheers,
> Rohan
> Rohan Gilchrist 
> rohan at e-mailme.org
> http://www.e-mailme.org/~rohan/
> 0412 648 909


Lewis Shobbrook

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