[Samba] Roaming/local profiles behavior in XP

David Case dc at apple.com
Thu Sep 2 04:26:52 GMT 2004

Hey all,

Relatively new to Samba configuration here - I've set up a system where  
XP clients can login and get their roaming profiles and all is well  
with that, but I see the synchronization which takes place on logout to  
be a big problem. So, I'm looking to turn off roaming profiles and  
instead go with remapping the documents, desktop and pictures folders  
to their server equivalents - I've set the "Prevent Roaming Profile  
changes from propagating to the server" setting and the "Only allow  
local user profiles" setting to "enabled" in the group policy on that  
desktop, but I'm still seeing the sync at logout. Running samba 3.0.2  
on a Mac OS X 10.3.5 server...

My login script is:

%systemroot%\regedit /s redirect.reg

and redirect.reg is:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

er Shell Folders]

Any help is appreciated...


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