[Samba] Re: XP Can't Join Domain

Kang Sun ksun at abinitio.com
Wed Sep 1 13:48:36 GMT 2004

"Paul Gienger" <pgienger at ae-solutions.com> wrote in message
news:40E582E6.3040807 at ae-solutions.com...
> >
> >I found the problem! It turned out to be an ldap problem after all. I had
> >added the machine account to ou=Computers as detailed in most of the
> >Samba/LDAP documentation. However, Samba was looking for the machine
> >in ou=People.
> This is actually a well known (to people that read this list for more
> than a couple weeks) bug in the design of samba.  I could swear I got it
> working once on a linux box without reconfiguring pam_nss, but I could
> be wrong.

This error has been corrected on one of later release, say 3.0.6, am I

-- Kang

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