[Samba] New user Questions on passwords

Thomas M. Skeren III tms3 at fskklaw.com
Wed Sep 1 01:25:31 GMT 2004

I've had a LOT of problems with this.  First make sure that the Win box 
is using Samba as NetBIOS name server.  Make sure that the samba server 
IS the domain master browser.  Do a Netstat -an on the windows box when 
browsin, see what port the Win box is trying to connect to.  IF MS 
client is issuing port 445 connects, this by-passes nmbd and you cannot 
authenticate using a netbiios name, only by IP-Addy.  This has been my 
Henry Baxter wrote:

> Unfortunately I have no experience with SWAT, so there may be some 
> thing I'm not aware of, but I would suggest: 1) check that the user 
> name you are logging in as has an account on the linux box, 2) set 
> their password again just to be sure, 3) at command line type 
> smbpasswd <username> and if that doesn't work, you know your smbpasswd 
> file is the missing link, and to remedy it smbpasswd -a <username>. If 
> you want to check which people are registered as samba users (not sure 
> if SWAT does this?) go to /etc/samba/private/smbpasswd, and you can 
> see them all.
> Oh, and as far as I know you should always be able to login as 'root' 
> <root-password>, so I'm surprised you're having this trouble...
> If you've checked all that, keep in mind you can only have one open 
> connecion, so something like 'map to guest = bad user' could be 
> causing you to log in as a guest, stopping your ability to log in as a 
> real user. Can't think of much else off-hand, if none of this helps, 
> perhaps you could add some more information about your setup.
> Good luck!
> Oh, and you are entering user names in win2k, right?
> Henry Baxter
> John Graves wrote:
>> I have just installed samba on a debian server.  My laptop with win2k
>> recognizes the debian server and shows it as a samba server in network
>> neighborhood.  I can start swat from the desktop.  I have used swat to
>> create both server and client server passwords.  When I click on the
>> debian server, I am asked for a network password for \\server.  Every
>> password I try, including the server user and root passwords are
>> rejected as unknown or invalid.  What am I missing???
>> John G.

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