[Samba] suggestions to Samba-HOWTO-Collection

Ilia Chipitsine ilia at paramon.ru
Sun Oct 31 12:47:41 GMT 2004

(those numbers are correct for 3.0.8pre2)

9.3.1 NetBIOS over TCP/IP

it is _very_ good to mention here "netbios-node-type", but name resolution 
order described there (1..6) is not correct.

actual order can depend on such things as:

1) netbios-node-type
2) "Enable LMHOSTS lookup" parameter


10.4.4 ldapsam

"The NT migration scripts from IDEALX..."

it is obsolete for Samba-3 (HOWTO describes Samba-3 of course).
those scripts removed from smbldap-tools distribution, because migration 
itself can be done without them:

a) NT4 --> Samba by using "net rpc vampire" command
b) smbpasswd (or any other backend) --> ldapsam (in place migration) can 
be done by using "pdbedit -i oldbackend:/blah-blah-blah -e 

getpwnam :-)

I'm chasing that bug now, and soon I'm going to fix it.
getpwnam is claimed to be used for LDAP database, but can anyone find 
getpwnam() calls at passdb/pdb_ldap.c ? :-) group seems to be searched 
directly in LDAP, and it looks like it is reason why "net groupmap add"
doesn't work for me (I use groups at /etc/group and ldapsam backend for 
the rest)


Ilia Chipitsine

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