[Samba] Samba 3.0.6 Problem access with Microsoft visio and XL files

Kasi Viswanadham x00vkasi at india.ti.com
Sat Oct 30 12:17:16 GMT 2004

we have samba server with version 3.0.6. we are facinga peciular 
problem. on unix machine the user and  his group got full permission 
and  others don't have any permissions (770) on a particular file . when 
he is trying to access it  from windows he couldn't open the file. 
especially we are facing this problem with  Microsoft visio (.vsd) and 
Microsoft XL (.xls) files.

Eg: when user try to access the Microsoft XL file in his  home directory 
from  windows with the 770 permissions , He is  getting the following 

*'<file_name>' cannot be accessed. The file may be read-only,or you may 
be trying to access a read-only location .Or,the server the document is 
stored on may not be responding.*

He is accessing it from windows XP machine as follows..

start --> run-->\\sambaserver\<user_home_dir>

He is able to browse his home directory but he couldn't open that file.

If he gives the read permission for "others" than he is able to open the 

Eg: If the file got the permission 774 than the user able to open that 

I did all the workaround regarding this like adding the user to 
coressponding groups in windows also where he belongs into unix but no 
use !!!!

we have other servers also with version 2.2.8a, but we are not facing on 

Can anyone help , please ?


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