[Samba] OS X Client Can't move folders in share which contains different mounts?

panos panos at kamaradata.com
Sat Oct 30 07:41:28 GMT 2004

I am not sure if anyone has the answer.
Here is the setup:
I am using redhat linux 9 with the latest rpm from www.samba .org
I am connecting to the linux server with a G4 running 10.3.5.
Once the share is mounted on the G4 using the appropriate smb://.etc
command.  You get the little global and everything is good.
Opening the global will give you 2 folders.
Disk1 and Disk2.
Both these disks are actually two separated mounted disks on the linux
Dragging and dropping a folder from Disk 1 to Disk 2 fails. ..i.e.
moving a folder fails even if it is empty.
Dragging and dropping a file works fine.  i.e. you can move on the file
Dragging and dropping within a drive works fine.
Mounting the same share with another linux box, or a windows box does
NOT produce the same behavior.  This is definitely a OS X thing.
Any ideas. have you heard of such a problem?

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