[Samba] Shared folder & windows clients

Gustavo Michels gustavo.michels at ig.com.br
Sat Oct 30 01:02:49 GMT 2004


I tried googling and searching the archives, but I guess I don't know how to 
choose the best keywords to describe my problem. So, I'll ask here.

I have a samba box (3.0.5) sharing 1 folder. This folder contains 2 
subfolders; both have around 900 files on each.
On my linux box (kde), I can use the smb kio slave and everything is as 
expected, I can see all the files on both folders. Now on two windows 2000 
clients (sp3 & sp4) I use, they can only see, say, around 200 files on the 
1st subfolder, and around 100 on the 2nd subfolder. The numbers aren't 
always the same, although both machines always return identical reports on 
file listings.

What could possibly be wrong? Here are the relevant parts of smb.conf, all 
the rest is default:

workgroup = COLORTECH
guest account = vendas
security = share

     path = /home/vendas/Documentos
     writable = yes
     guest ok = yes
     public = yes

Of course, "vendas" is a valid user account and file permissions are ok.

I had this in the past, where the two subfolders were once one with around 
1600 files. I thought it could be the large number of files so I split them 
into two folders and the problem was gone. All of a sudden, it reappeared, 
even though there are far fewer files than before.

Any ideas? 


PS: please cc me as I am not subscribed to the list.

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