[Samba] Daylight time dates for Brazil

Bruno Gimenes Pereti pereti at ump.edu.br
Fri Oct 29 19:18:34 GMT 2004


Last week all windows workstations changed the clock thinking that the 
daylight time had started but it will start nov, 2. I know this is a windows 
problem so I went to technet.microsoft.com and found this article:


with this article I got the registry key of my workstation corrected. Now I 
want to replicate this configuration to all other workstations. I have a 
samba 3.0.5 PDC and I'm using windows policy to control access and configure 
the workstations so I started to create a .adm file to export this registry 
information. When I was reading about the best way to change the value of 
this registry, I found in the book "Windows System Policy Editor" from 
O'Reilly that "Since this registry key has a hex value (REG_BINARY), it is 
not possible to change it using a policy template".
Ok! I can't replicate it with policy but I still can make a reg file and 
change the values within the logon script. Here comes another problem... 
normal users don't have permission to change the value of this registry so I 
have to find a way to change permission to the registry. I know I can use 
regini.exe but it must be running in a windows computer and the workstation 
must be online.

I hope someone call me fool and say I'm complicating everything. It really 
should be easier.

any help, sugestion, idea?

Bruno Gimenes Pereti. 

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