[Samba] Again Linux, Mac OS etc...

Sascha Guido Zumbusch sascha at zumbusch.de
Fri Oct 29 18:29:51 GMT 2004

Hi there....

Again with the same question, but with a little more information


1 Samba File Server (Suse Linux)
40+ M$ Clients (NT, W2K, XP)
4 Mac OS X clients (10.2,10.3)

Authentication throug NT PDC

Everything works fine for the M$ part of it.

Problem: when someone from the OS X side log onto the share it looks
nice by first sight, but the file permissions, owner and group of the
files and directory are not correct.

The users log on through PDC but gets the user id 'nobody'...
On the client side the file permissions, owner and group look totally
different FOR THE SAME FILE.

Example (two views on the same file):

share side: -rwxrwxr-x   domain-ID, domain-GID (this is ls -l on the Linux side)
client side:-rwx-r-x-r-x osx-id, wheel (this is ls -l on the OS X side)

Therefore it is not possible for the client user to change a file and
save it on the share again, because from the viewpoint of OS X, he has
no group write permission.

New files are possible, but get the settings:
                        -rwx-r-xr-x 'nobody', domain-GID

The relevant settings in the smb.conf are all 775.

What can I do to get rid of this? Any ideas outthere?

All Apple related descriptions assume to use the MAC as SMB Server.
No one talks about a MAC as SMB client.

Thanks for even thinking about that....:o(
Sascha Guido Zumbusch

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