[Samba] how to prevent users from modifying access rights

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Oct 29 13:08:18 GMT 2004

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. wrote:
| Hi,
| how can I prevent users from modifying access rights on files and
| directories on a share (on an ext3 partition with ACLs)?
| Users must be able to read from arbitrary directories on
| the share  belonging to groups they are not members of, and
| they must have write access to files belonging to other users
| in the same group, sometimes to files/directories that are
| owned by users of other groups. But they must not be able to
| modify the access rights of files owned by users in the
| same group; eventually it will be useful to deny
| modifying access rights to all users.

set all files to be owned by root :-)  and make sure that
'dos filemode = no'   That should do it.   (but give the
user's the necessary write permissions).

cheers, jerry
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