[Samba] how to prevent users from modifying access rights

. listrcv at condor-werke.com
Fri Oct 29 11:52:15 GMT 2004


how can I prevent users from modifying access rights on files and 
directories on a share (on an ext3 partition with ACLs)?

Users must be able to read from arbitrary directories on the share 
belonging to groups they are not members of, and they must have write 
access to files belonging to other users in the same group, sometimes to 
files/directories that are owned by users of other groups. But they must 
not be able to modify the access rights of files owned by users in the 
same group; eventually it will be useful to deny modifying access rights 
to all users.

How can that be achieved?

for i in "*.txt"; do mail -s $i hwilmer < $i; done
su: $i: ambiguous redirect

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