[Samba] Administrator

darryl penny dpenny at ehs.wcape.school.za
Fri Oct 29 11:14:03 GMT 2004

Hi to the list.

Our network = mix of Win98 and XP Pro logging onto Samba3.04 hosted on SuSE9.1
Auth is via passwd and smbpasswd.
No Microsoft AD at all - Samba does all the auth, therefore winbind is not
I would like to logon to some of the XP Pro boxes as a normal network user,
but at the same time be 'Administrator' on the machine. Adding myself to the
Administrator's group on the pc has no effect when logging on via the network.

I've looked and looked and browsed the Samba archives, but so far I've found
nothing to help me.

Can anyone please point me to a solution?


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