[Samba] help

QinXuguo winfree at emails.bjut.edu.cn
Fri Oct 29 07:58:21 GMT 2004

Dear samba team:
         This is the first time I use samba. I want to install it on
Solaris but I don=A1=AFt know which release of samba is fit for our
workstation. So I hope I can get more and fast information from you. The
details of our workstation is following:
         Workstation Type: SUNW, Ultra-5_10; sparc; sun4u
         OS: SunOS release 5.8 Generic_108528-01
         I have installed Samba-2.2.8a for sol8 but I could not share
files of Solaris with windows. I have some questions decribed below:
         1. After install samba, I find a file,
/etc/init.d/samba.server. I wanna use this file to restart the samba
services (nmbd & smbd). But the samba daemons don=A1=AFt start up. Why?
         2.I ever used swat to comfig smb.conf file. After that I
clicked =A1=AErestart=A1=AF button of =A1=AEnmbd=A1=AF and =
=A1=AEsmbd=A1=AF and the page
refreshed the informations which showed that =A1=AEsmbd=A1=AF was =
running and
=A1=AEnmbd=A1=AF was not running. However, I typed command ps =A8Caux | =
(s/n)mbd and didn=A1=AFt get the PID of smbd but I could get the ID of =
         Because I don=A1=AFt know whether this version is fit for my
workstation, I am not sure why the problems came out.=20
         Could you please answer me ASAP. Thanks you very much!

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