[Samba] Samba PDC in many branch offices + one LDAP database - how to change passwords?

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Thu Oct 28 15:50:00 GMT 2004

> >> As it is relatively easy to have one LDAP database across all office 
> >> branches, I don't know how to make Samba 3 to read/retrieve 
> >> usernames/passwords from local OpenLDAP slave, but to write added 
> >> machines/changed passwords to the master OpenLDAP server (which would 
> >> then replicate the changes to all its slaves).
> > If you have the smbldap-tools configured properly with the right master 
> > and slave set, then adding machines is not a problem.  Changing 
> > passwords is also not a problem provided you have LDAP referrals set up 
> > properly.  Setting up referrals is really more of a question for the 
> > openldap folks, and probably covered in the setup guide at openldap.
> Heh, ask at OpenLDAp group, they point you to Samba group; ask at Samba 
> group, they point you back to OpenLDAP :)

Just to clarify, mostly for the archives:  Setting up referrals is NIETHER a
Samba OR OpenLDAP question.  It is an LDAP issue,  referrals are a standard LDAP
thing, supported by every decent DSA.  The OpenLDAP lists are for questions
SPECIFICALLY for OpenLDAP related issues,  referrals would not be such an issue.
 *ANY* decent LDAP text will cover referrals, and questions about referrals
would be appropriate to the ldap at umich.edu list (generic LDAP discussion) - but
again, they are a well documented standard type of thing.

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