[Samba] NT PDC file server -> Samba PDC file server

r.m. dukester dukes909 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 28 14:40:52 GMT 2004

I've read the HOWTO and seen a zillion articles about
moving from an NT PDC to a Samba PDC.  Am having
trouble tying this in to making the new Samba PDC
act in the same file server capacity as the NT machine
did.  i.e., looking for info on copying the
directories & files while preserving user & group

Can someone point me to a guide(s) on this whole
process?  Also, in what order does this occur?  As I
understand it once the Samba machine becomes the PDC,
you must immediately shut down the NT PDC.  So how do
you copy the shares & directories over with correct
permissions at this point?  If you do it beforehand,
how does Samba "know" how to keep the permissions? 
Sorry if I've missed the info somewhere.


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