[Samba] Samba3 pdc bdc scenario

Clemens Buchmann lostvampyre at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 28 12:28:50 GMT 2004

Hi all!

I'm a bit unsure if my idea is the best approach to this. So here's what I'm
supposed to do:

There is currently a samba pdc running with samba-2 which is about to be
replaced because of some strange behaviour. The idea is to build a bdc first
which should take over the job of the pdc as long as it takes to set up a new
pdc with samba-3. After that is done the pdc is brought back in and the bdc can
be 'real' bdc again. 

The samba documentation suggests the use of ldap. The bad thing here is just
that I can't provide another pc to be a ldapserver. So we thought about
installing ldap on the new bdc to be used as the primary auth-method and for
handling the profiles. The new pdc will be another ldapserver (the master when
everything's done) - So when the migration of the old pdc data to the new bdc
server is done (I hope that won't be so difficult) we have a pdc, bdc which both
are ldapserver, too.

My insecurity now is is that a good idea in general or am I missing something
important? Another question is, will everything be in sync in such a scenario?
I'm not sure if the ldapserver sync themselves alone as the pdc and bdc will do.
I'm quite new to samba3 (of course) and to the whole pdc, bdc handling.
Maybe there is even a completely different variant without ldap which might be
easier to control for this two server net?

I hope someone can give me some tips or hints :-) Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,

 Clemens Buchmann

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