[Samba] security mask

. listrcv at condor-werke.com
Thu Oct 28 10:59:29 GMT 2004


how can I prevent users from setting file permissions on files and 
directories on a share? The share is, amongst others, on an ext3 
partition with ACLs, kernel 2.6.8.

I´ve tried to set ´security mask´ and ´directory security mask´ to 0000. 
The result is that users block themselves from accessing any file they 
attempt to set permissions for. It seems that by masking the rights by 
0000, any attempt from SAMBA clients to set permissions, results in file 
rights masked to 000 and then applied to the file.

BTW, is there some tool available to manage users and permissions 
similar to the syscon of Netware?

for i in "*.txt"; do mail -s $i hwilmer < $i; done
su: $i: ambiguous redirect

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