[Samba] Odd login issue [early Samba]

Colin Raven duiker at haggis.nl
Thu Oct 28 05:51:36 GMT 2004

Cobalt RAQ2/Samba 1.9.18p10
I *know* this is an unconscionably old version of Samba which I will 
upgrade as soon as possible, but first I have to get control of things 
at a new job and inventory what exists and where. I just got hired one 
day ago, thus for now Im just "putting out fires" for a few days.
A RAQ2 is being used as a single site DNS/Fileserver/Mailserver for a 
department and the staff are telling me they can't browse the Samba 
share(s). They're right, they can't.
Here's what happens:
The machine can be discovered by IP from various XP workstations with 
ease (based on those workstations hosts files!!! but never mind for the 
moment). Upon attempting to browse the share I'm presented with the 
login box machine_name\username....and here's where it gets baffling.
The login says; Raq2\Korndog which as far as I can see at first look is 
an unknown user.
No problem says I, I'm sure this user exists on the box someplace, and 
wander through the machine looking for a user Korndog - in order to 
reset the password......but there is no user on the system of that name 
- anywhere! I looked in /etc/smb.conf to see what/who the valid user is 
and this is what I found (no, not the entire smb.conf, just this 
supposedly relevant section): Comments are mine, and are in this email 
only fortroubleshooting  purposes.
allow hosts = BIGBOY, ZEUS, ACCOUNTS, MAUD #all these exist
        workgroup = LULLO #this is correct
        valid users = crazyfred #this user exists
        default = global
        netbios name = raq2
        security = share
        domain logons = no
        server string = raq2
Username [K]korndog isn't there (smb.conf *or* 
system)...period...(anywhere I've found anyway). This is strictly a 
standalone box, and is not referencing any domain controller or ldap 
resources BTW.

Can the panel suggest a course of action which - for now - does not 
involve reinstallation?

Thank y'all kindly for any help or suggestions you may be able to 

Regards, TIA, & greetings from the Netherlands,
(who *hates* taking over boxes from a fired predecessor!!!)

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