[Samba] IIS Virtual Directories and SAMBA

John John at jripp.net
Thu Oct 28 02:41:40 GMT 2004

Hey. Did you ever get the below issue working? I have Mandrake 10 and
trying to put a virtural directory in IIS putting to the Apache site.
Any ideas?
In summary, I have the following problem:
When opening files in particular folders contained in a Virtual
Directory on
Windows IIS 5 server that points to a SAMBA share, via a web browser (I
tried IE and cURL), I get a 404 - file not found error, however, I am
to open these same files on the SAMBA server with Windows Explorer,
the same SAMBA account that the IIS server is using.  Please note that I
able to open up other files of the same type via the web browser from
SAMBA share when pointing to the Virtual Directory on the SAMBA share.

When I point the Virtual Directory toward a Windows server share that is
mirror of the SAMBA share, I can open up every file just fine.

I have checked the file permissions on the SAMBA server, I can open up
of the files that are located even in the same subfolder via web
and I can browse all folders regardless of wheter or not I can open
files in
them or not.

I am using SAMBA version 2.2.3a on HP-UX 11i.  

I appreciate any input!!!
Thank you.



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