[Samba] Offline folders and XP SP2

Graeme Walker gluglist at walk.co.za
Wed Oct 27 20:26:33 GMT 2004

Hi All

Various versions and patches of Samba (2&3) seen this on a number of sites 
now. XP SP 2 will report a server off line, and go offline, typically after 
being connected to a network for 1-2 mins. Mainly all sites running Mandrake 
Linux 9.2 or 10.0 with default shipping Samba.

Removing off line folders or SP2 solves the problem. There is no bandwidth 
or networking issues.

I have tried to upgrade a site or 2 to the latest updates, will monitor, 
tried searching archives and Google, not much luck there.

Is this a known issue/workaround/....



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