[Samba] Office 2000 SR1 with Samba 3

Dino Midzic dino at midzic.com
Wed Oct 27 18:32:00 GMT 2004

Hi list!

I have installed Samba 3 as a Public Domain Controler. Clients are 
Win2000, user priority is USER, I have created no groups.

Everything works fine, till I log on as a user for the first time. When 
I start Office 2000, he starts inital install, and ask after SR-1 CD. 
The Problem is:

1. I have no CD - it was Online Update from Microsoft ?!?

2. When I CANCEL 2-3 Times, I can normaly use a Program (Word, Excel etc.)

3. I can not even choose a source - I become only falldown menu with the 
  last source (share on SAMBA server from which I installed Office)

I suppose that is a authority problem - user has no rights to make 
initial files, but I couldn't find in 'net anything about it. What 
should I do? Users as administrator is out of question :-)

Any idea?

Best Regards,

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