[Samba] Problem with a share

favero at sparkenergy.it favero at sparkenergy.it
Wed Oct 27 11:50:29 GMT 2004

Hello to every body,
it's my first post on this mailing list.
I set up a samba machine (samba 3.0.7-1 on Debian Linux) but I have a 

I configure smb.conf according some how-to and tutorial, and I create a 
disk share named "test" using security=user.
In my network I have a windows 2000 server that is Domain controller and 
WINS server. I use its IP address on the directive "wins server".

When I connect to the linux box by using my windows 2000 client (not the 
windows server, but from another computer), I can see immediately tha 
machine name, and the share, and I can open all the folders in the share, 
but when I try to open a file inside a folder (by doucle click) the client 
let me wait a couple of minutes and after that appars a popup windows whit 
the massage: "directory name not valid".

What does it happens? Any suggestions?

Thank a lot in adavance for you kind help

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