[Samba] Samba performance issue

jan ardosa lance_devera at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 27 07:30:34 GMT 2004

Greetings to all. I have a working Samba ver 3.0.5pre1 PDC with openldap 2.2.13 backend. It's been running
OK till I increased the number of users. I have a group of users testing the domain setup and
they've been reporting loss of connection to the server these past days as indicated nu the "offline message in the 
system tray. Also, when this event happens the workstation that has the share being accessed by other workstations have 
to shutdown/turnoff his pc in order to for others to access the share again not to mention that the workstation loss 
its network connection too. 
I've been monitoring the PDC since the first report was brought to my attention and I noticed that there has
been an increased in smbd processes and it's consuming the physical memory. I thought I have to increase the
memory, so I increased the memory from 256 to 512 but I noticed this morning that only 8mb is left of the 512
physical memory. So it appears that smbd is the guilty one. I also noticed from the smbd log file the following error

 getpeername failed. Error was transport endpoints not connected

I've goggled and search in the mailing archives to find for answers but nothing certain. Im thinking of upgrading to
the stable release i.e. 3.0.7 but I doubt it this would fix the issue because I chanced upon a user with this version
who has encountered the same problem. Thanks in advance 

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