[Samba] Third party LDAP as backend

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Tue Oct 26 19:40:02 GMT 2004

> >> I'm planning a Samba3 new installation. I need to make Samba interact
> >> with
> >> a third party directory server (it's a standard implementation that can
> >> be
> >> accessed with ldapsearch, ldapadd, etc). Is it possible to use ldapsam
> >> with an LDAP directory that's not running under OpenLDAP?
> > Yes; I've communicated with people using both NDS and SW.
> Great... did you use the same procedure as for OpenLDAP or is there some
> customization?

*I* didn't do this, I just know it can be done.

You need to get the samba.schema file into a format your DSA likes.  Beyond that
Samba doesn't do anything crazy and should work with any DSA.

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