[Samba] WinXP vs Samba: domain controller could not be contacted

Martin Wartens martin.wartens at my-mail.ch
Tue Oct 26 16:59:22 GMT 2004

when I try to connect with a Windows XP Professional workstation to my domain 
(My Computer->Computer Name ...), I keep getting the error message "A domain 
controller for the domain ... could not be contacted". This attempt leaves no 
traces in the samba logs. 
I have applied the recommended WinXP registry tweaks. I am pretty shure that I 
have typed the domain name right. nmdb is running on the samba server.
Strange enough, I can connect to the samba server if I enter its IP directly in 
Start->Run. Reversely, I can also connect from the samba server to the XP 
machine with smbclient. 
I guess this a problem with netbios/wins, but I am out of ideas. What could it 
be? I have found the same question lots of times on google, but never any 
solutions. Help please!

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