[Samba] Winbindd won't see new accounts until restarted

Markus Översti markus.oversti at edu.haapavesi.fi
Tue Oct 26 18:23:20 GMT 2004


I have w2k server with AD and Debian mailserver with Samba 3.0.7. Userdatabase
is on w2k server and samba/winbind is configured to use ADS security.

When I add new accounts to w2k server, getent passwd won't show new accounts
until winbindd is restarted.

Now I have /etc/init.d/winbind restart in crontab for every 5 mins, which I
think is not nice way to do it.

Question is, how I get winbind to see new users (and passwords) without
restarting it?

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