[Samba] APW printing defaults : protection fault 0x6a90450e: version 3.0.7-Debian

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Oct 26 12:54:05 GMT 2004

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Tom Schutzer-Weissmann wrote:

| Trying to use SAMBA as a print server for Windows
| clients, I have managed to share the printers, but following the
| setup procedure on the clients I always get a protection fault
| when I try to open the "printing defaults" part of the Add
| Printer Wizard in XP.
| "Function address 0x6a90450e caused a protection fault
| (exception code 0xc0000005). Some or all property page(s)
| may not be displayed"
| A lot of googling has proved inconclusive, except a
| mail saying this was a known bug and suggesting an upgrade
| to version 3.0.0, but I am using 3.0.7!
| On log level 2 there is no sign of any error, only files
| being opened and closed. On log level 3 no error either.

This is often caused by either a NULL device mode for
the printer or a buggy driver.  You can set
'default devmode = yes' to try to work around the NULL
devmode issue and then follow the intructions in the HOWTO
for initializing the printer.

cheers, jerry
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