[Samba] Stale NFS file handle

Mister Amazing mr_amazing99 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 26 09:25:30 GMT 2004

Trying to mount a shared folder in Windows server 2003. Fixed the "hang" problem but can't seem to work through the "Stale NFS file handle" problem. Has there been a work-around for this yet? 
Problem description:
Windows 2003
RedHat 9
Samba 3.0.7
mount -t smbfs //server.name/share.name /mnt/point -o username=uname,password=pword
Seems to mount ok, however when trying to access the contents of the share, e.g. cd to the /mnt/point and ls the files, I get a "Stale NFS file handle"
Any pointers would be appreciated.
Mister Amazing!

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