[Samba] Best method for this?

joec at aracnet.com joec at aracnet.com
Mon Oct 25 14:31:49 GMT 2004

I have two linux machines and a W2K box. I am going to upgrade the linux boxes SuSE 9.2 this coming weekend. The one box (WS 1) will be acting as a distrubuted 'server' for files/applications and a impact printer. The other linux box (WS2) will be my primary workstation. The W2K box will be used by other memebers of the family.

I want to use WS1 as a Samba server and be able to share drives from both WS1 and WS2 with the S2K box. What is the best methid to setup Samba for this approach? I can network the two linux boxes via NFS (which I have done successfully) but I want to be able to share diskspace with the W2K box.

Do I want to use WS1 as the Samba Master? Or will both machines be a Samba Master? One other issue I have had is that I have NEVER gotten printers to connect withing the Samba environment. One of the reasons I am upgrading to 9.2 is becuase the SuSE 9.x relase has (supposedly) better CUPS and Samba support. Is there something I need to do when installing printers (WS1 - Epson FX-85 printer, WS2 - HP 660C, W2K - HP 612C) for the various workstations?

Thank you in advance,

Joe Cipale

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