[Samba] Strange WINS entries with samba 3.07 running as PDC

Juha Pietikäinen juha.pietikainen at connet.net
Mon Oct 25 10:03:58 GMT 2004

            I have following smb.conf:

            hosts deny = all

            hosts allow = 192.168.x.0/32

            name resolve order = wins lmhosts hosts bcast

            interfaces = 192.168.x.y/32

            socket address = 192.168.x.y

            bind interfaces only = yes

            disable netbios = yes

            remote browse sync = 192.168.x.255

            remote annouance = 192.168.x.255

            wins support = yes

            Nmbd.log shows strange entries like:
            __SAMBA__<20> TTL = PERMANENT 192.168.x.y 44.x.y.0 64

            If samba is restarted, entries change but they point usually to
            44.-networks. This is very annoying since I have nothing to do 
with those 44.x.y.z

            I wonder where those 44.x.y.0 entries come from?

            I have captured network taffic with Ethereal, but there isn't 
            traffic going to or coming from 44.-networks.

            Even if whole network connection is disconnected (ethernet cable
            disconnected) those entries are shown and they change if samba 

            If I remove (my localhost) from interfaces, 
            entries vanish but samba doesn't function correctly after that.

            My clients are connected via VPN-tunnels to the server.

            192.168.x.y is eth0:1. Maybe I should try to assign own network
            card to this. Interface eth0 is my VPN endpoint with public IP

            Samba 3.07 is running at Fedora Core 1 server.

            Samba rpms are downloaded from download.redhat.fedora.com and 
            versions are:


            I have verified samba files with rpm --verify and they are OK.

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