[Samba] Who knows the answer(s)....? Samba and W2000..

pecci pecci at uni.net
Mon Oct 25 04:30:09 GMT 2004

  Pls help me if you can and if you want
I'm trying to connect a couple of PC (say PC1 and PC2) with W2000/Sp4 to 
a Suse 9.1 linux server and I must use both their printers.

The big problems I find are:

If  I don't use the passwd, then my command:
paolo#linux>smbclient -L PC1
it gives me this answer:
paolo#linux>getlmhostsent: too many columns in lmhosts file (obsolete 

then the next row is :          NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

I think I've placed all necessary stuff in smb.conf and smbpasswd.

Thank you in any case.
Paolo  Pecci - Rome, Italy
pecci at uni.net

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