[Samba] Problem Enumerating AD users

George Trigg george at gt-enterprises.co.uk
Sun Oct 24 15:51:10 GMT 2004

 Solved, the problem,

I had to re-install the server, took exactly the same path as first time and
it worked straight out of the box.  Don't like having to resort to the
windows fix but I'd obviously done something dumb in the setup.

Wbinfo worked fine that's what I couldn't understand,  I spoke to someone
else the other day that had the same issue, and they resloved it by
installing the latest samba supplied binaries over the FC2 ones.

There's only about 150 users in the ADS by the way.

Thanks for your reply


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On Sat, Oct 23, 2004 at 04:45:41PM +0100, George Trigg wrote:
  | However when doing a getent passwd I am only returned the local unix
  | and I get the following error in the syslog. 
  | Oct 23 16:23:40 ecto winbindd[2089]: [2004/10/23 16:23:40, 0]
  | sam/idmap_tdb.c:db_allocate_id(106)
  | Oct 23 16:23:40 ecto winbindd[2089]:   idmap Fatal Error: UID range
  | (max: 20000)
  |		[...]
  | Below is my smb.conf file
  |		[...]
  |    idmap uid = 10000-20000
  |    idmap gid = 20000-30000

How many users do you have in ADS?

Can you successfully map between SIDs and UIDs for users listed with wbinfo?
(It would be nice if wbinfo could map directly from name<->uid; that's a
separate issue).

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