[Samba] User login Problems after upgrade

Aizat Faiz aizat.faiz at leapp.aero
Sat Oct 23 06:18:55 GMT 2004

I just upgraded to v3.0.7 from 3.0.4 because of printing problems, but now none of my users can't log in...intially i couldnt even run smbstatus, because it was looking for the smb.conf in /usr/lib

so i just made an alias to /etc/samba/smb.conf fix that problem, but i still cant get hte users, i aliased everything, hoping it would work...

when i enter pdbedit -L it displays that there are no registered users

please help :( i did the upgrade specifically over the weekend to avoid any problems when work starts on monday, so this is quite urgent...

thank you 

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